The History

Discover the origin of the ‘Aquae Patavinae’ and the history of the Euganean thermal area...


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Il Punto Informativo

If you want to “taste” the archaeological reality of the “Aquae Patavinae”, go to platform 1 of the Terme Euganee/Abano/Montegrotto railway station: here, you will find a lounge fitted out as a boardroom of a wealthy house of two thousand years ago. The walls though, instead of being frescoed, are decorated with giant boards reproducing ancient scenes of everyday life and images of archaeological finds (as they appear at present day); the floor reproduces the same pattern of the main room of the villa at Via Neroniana – originally made of black slate, white marble and white limestone slabs.
Read then the frieze that runs all along the walls: you will find out how Ennodius described the “aquae patavinae” in the 5th century A.D.


View the walls of the lounge down here, and click on the photos or on the list below if you want to download the PDF format file; it is also possible to download the brochure illustrating the project and the archaeological sites in Italian, German and English.

1 Entrance wall, reproducing the map of the archaeological sites – download PDF
2 Left wall, concerning the proto-historical sacred place and the bath complex underneath the Terme Neroniane Hotel – download PDF
3 Front wall, concerning the archaeological sites at Viale Stazione/Via degli Scavi and Via Neroniana – download PDF
4 Right wall, concerning the villa at Via Neroniana, the “villa rustica” at Turri and Villa Draghi – download PDF

1 Brochure, Progetto Aquae Patavinae: le aree archeologiche – brochure PDF
2 Brochure, Projekt Aquae Patavinae: die archäologischen Gebiete – brochure PDF
3 Brochure, The Aquae Patavinae Project: the archaeological sites- brochure PDF

The Information Point at the Terme Euganee/Abano/Montegrotto railway station