The History

Discover the origin of the ‘Aquae Patavinae’ and the history of the Euganean thermal area...


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Welcome to the “Aquae Patavinae” Project website

Two thousand years ago was named ‘aquae patavinae’ or ‘water of Padua’, the thermal area located along the east side of the Euganean Hills, the last volcanic high ground before the immense plain which extends eastwards up to the Venetian lagoon and the Adriatic sea…

The “Aquae Patavinae” Project
for a Terme Euganee Archaeological Park

The Euganean thermal area is today the core of an enhancement project aimed at spreading information about the archaeological, historical and cultural heritage of a territory that bears the traces of more than three thousand years of history. The goal is to create the Terme Euganee Archaeological Park: here, surrounded by a gorgeous natural landscape made up of isolated hills and plains as far as the eye can see, visitors will be led through the archaeological sites of the territory by means of thematic pathways. The sites that can be visible and the ones that can’t be but are recorded will merge into the Museum of Thermalism, place at the same time of arrival and departure of a journey at the Terme Euganee.

The “Aquae patavinae” Project is working since 2005, thanks to the cooperation among the Università degli Studi di Padova, the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici del Veneto and the township of Montegrotto Terme, as well as to the sponsorship of the Arcus S.p.A. society, the Regione del Veneto, the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo and the Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca. However, the interest in this territory is rooted in historical, archaeological and antiquarian researches, started in some cases in the distant 18th century and continued without interruption down the centuries. In recent years, the “field” activities have focused on the enhancement of some important archaeological sites, without neglecting the study of what is no longer visible today.

The website you are browsing is the first step of the application of the “Aquae Patavinae” Project in the Euganean thermal area. Here you will find information about history, archaeology and oddities concerning this territory; moreover, you will be able to know about the archaeological finds discovered in the sites and exhibited in different museums (Museo del Vetro – Montegrotto Terme, Musei Civici agli Eremitani – Padova, Museo Nazionale Atestino – Este) or preserved in storage areas not open to public. Finally, you will be able to enjoy the virtual tour of the villas and the Euganean baths as they presumably were two thousand years ago…